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    Pool Table Recovering

    Pool tables should be recovered when excessive wear, unexpected damages or décor styles change. Riviera Billiards­­ offers a selection of different grades of cloth (felt) in a variety of colours. Our service technicians will strip off the existing cloth on the bed and rails and skillfully install new cloth. Someti­mes it makes sense to change the cloth when an existing table is being re-installed. In this case, savings can be realized because the only additional labour costs are to redo the rails. If you are more of a “do-it-yourself” type, Riviera Billiards can sell you all the materials that you require as well as offer the service to professionally recloth the rails for you. 

    Felt Cloth Colour Choices

    Pool Table Rail Cushion Rubber Replacement

    Rail rubber cushion can decompose over ­­time. You can test your table rail performance by rolling a ball into the rail cushions. If the ball fails to get more than two to three bounces in sequence, service may be required. Rail cushion rubber can also become unglued and sag out of position. When this occurs, our mechanics can re-attach it for you. Contact Riviera Billiard’s knowledgeable service department to discuss your findings & options. Snooker table rubbers need to be properly shaped at the pocket openings. The correct circular profile as determined by the BCA (Billiard Congress of America) is something best left to a professional Riviera Billiards service mechanic who has the tools, templates and experience to get the job done correctly.­

    Why Choose Riviera Billiards?

    Riviera Billiards is your source for table cloth, felt and rubber replacements.
    Our talented team with over 30 years of experience is here to make sure your
    job is done affordably and with the highest quality. We service all over Southwest-
    ern Ontario and we will come to you for your repair. We are insured, Fully WSIB
    compliant and have the best skilled pool table experts for your job.